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MTTI is an 2015-2016 ACCSC School of Excellence.
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MTTI Receives School of Excellence Award

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  • Frontline In The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Devon Gomes, 2019 Medical Assistant Graduate

    I never expected to be front and center during a viral epidemic.
    We’re learning to provide for patients in new ways—taking it day by day. Medical practices can’t shut down. The stress level is exceptionally high at this time—for patients and for me. Everyone who calls thinks they may have the virus; everyone wants to be seen. It can be hard to triage people when they feel frightened. It’s my job is to stay calm and reassure them so I can ask questions. 

    I couldn't have imagined I would be doing all that I do as a Medical Assistant.
    As a smaller practice, the three Medical Assistants split Office Manager duties; I’m assigned to manage immunizations. I attend the manager meetings and communicate with the RI Department of Health. I order the immunizations, maintain inventory of vaccines, check expirations dates and mark what we need to send back.

    I love my job. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.
    School prepared me 100% to work as a Medical Assistant and to continue learning on the job. I chose to become a Medical Assistant; I signed up for the risk. The main goal in medicine is treating patients and doing it right. Despite the challenges of providing patient care during the COVID-19 epidemic, I still wake up with a smile knowing I am going to be helping people.

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  • Frontline In The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Amanda DaSilva, 2019 Medical Assistant Graduate

    I’m beyond happy being a Medical Assistant.
    Especially now, being able to provide care to those in need is very rewarding. The COVID-19 situation has been scary. At this point you don’t know who has it or who doesn’t have it. There is not enough testing happening, which is very unfortunate and also nerve wracking. However, at Coastal Medical, where I work, we are well equipped with the essentials to continue providing patient care to those in need. 

    To all new, incoming students: being a Medical Assistant is a great career choice.
    I would choose to do it all over again for sure. At MTTI you learn everything you need to get you started in the medical field. Once you’ve completed the Medical Assistant program, you will thank yourself and be very proud of your accomplishments. It’s hard at first, but believe me, once you get into the groove it will seem less and less stressful. To all the Medical Assistant students getting ready for internship: ask questions--no question is a stupid question. Stay focused and you will succeed! Read Amanda's Success Story.

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