Sabrina Dosoito, 2020 MTTI Medical Assistant Graduate Provides Patient Care at Nisbet Women's Care, Inc., Warwick, RI.

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Sabrina Dosoito

2020 Medical Assistant Graduate 
Medical Assistant at Nisbet Women’s Care, Inc. in Warwick


Sabrina Dosoito, 2020 MMT Medical Assitant GraduateGrowing up, I knew that I wanted to work in Pediatrics or in OB-GYN.

After graduating East Providence High School, I planned to go into nursing. I attended community college, but after a few years, I felt like I wasn’t any closer to becoming a nurse. Courses kept on being added to earn the degree; my journey kept getting longer. I took a break from schooling to get my feet on the ground and figure out if a healthcare career was really what I wanted.

My Aunt Jean suggested I look into MTTI’s Medical Assistant program.

She graduated from MTTI in 2013.  She encouraged me, saying, “Some people start small and then work their way up.” I contacted the school, went through the tour and interviewed with the Lead Instructor, Ms. Courtney. I knew MTTI was where I wanted to be. I enrolled in the evening program; Ms. Stephanie was my instructor.

Starting school was a little bit scary, but also exciting.

Scary because it was a new journey. I didn’t know what path I would take as a Medical Assistant or how difficult the training might be. I wondered, ‘Will I succeed?’ Exciting because it is always what I wanted to do. I knew that if I put my mind to it, I could do almost anything.

My world outside of school tested my determination to stay in the program.

I had been diagnosed with the same health issue that my older brother and dad have. Struggling with health challenges was rough; it would wear me down. Some days I didn’t have enough energy to go to school. But my determination to become a Medical Assistant pushed me. I wanted to be in class as much as possible, so I handled it.  If you are truly dedicated to your goal, then you find a way to do it.

My brother inspired me to want to be in a medical career.

When he was 13, he almost died. Battling strep pneumonia, he was in a coma for two weeks. When I learned he was on his deathbed, it really hit me—he might not live. I had the chance to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Fortunately, he survived his illness. He went to school and now works as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). Encouraged by his example, I decided that if he could work through his obstacles, I could push through mine.Sabrina Dosoito Accepting Medical Assistant Diploma From Her Instructor

In school, I was nervous about learning phlebotomy—most students are.

I asked myself, ‘What will happen when I try to draw blood? Will I be able to do it without hurting someone?’ Ms. Stephanie patiently supported me. Being in a small class, I benefitted from the one-on-one help I received. Extra attention from Ms. Stephanie, and repeated hands-on practice, eased my shaky hands. I felt well prepared to draw blood when I went out to internship and work. 

When we had to learn from home due to COVID-19, I was scared to go remote.

I’m a hands-on learner; I have to look at what I am learning. I need to sit in front of the teacher and ask questions. How would I learn everything online? I am grateful for the support of my family. They kept telling me I could get through this. They reminded me that it was only a short time before I would be starting internship and work—and that I would be happy in my new career. I had made it this far; I felt encouraged to complete my school journey!

Fortunately, we were able to return to class to complete the hands-on training.

The class was split up into two groups, so that we could maintain social distancing. It was great to see my classmates again, face-to-face.  It felt so good to be in the environment we had started off in. Everyone at MTTI is so friendly and willing to help.

The whole process of learning to be a Medical Assistant is challenging.

Ms. Steph taught us not to be afraid to ask patients the right questions, so that we can get crucial information that the healthcare provider needs to diagnose and treat them. Now in practice, I ask the patient if there is anything that they want to ask the provider, so I can let the provider know, even before entering the room, what concerns the patient has. When I have completed the health intake, I’ll ask ‘Is there anything you haven’t mentioned to me?’ Just asking that question, they may remember something important they want to talk about with the provider.

MTTI Career Services Specialist Pinning New Medical Assistant Grad, Sabrina Dosoito.I interned and was hired at a very small internal medicine office.

I was one of two Medical Assistants—and sometimes just one, working with the Office Manager. I took vital signs, performed EKGs, documented the Chief Complaint, gave injections and performed administrative tasks, including using EPIC to schedule patients’ appointments.

Shortly after I was hired, I received an email about another open position.

MTTI’s Career Services Specialist, Shawn, knew I had always wanted to work in OB-GYN. He sent me the job description for a Medical Assistant at Nisbet Women’s Care in Warwick, RI. I decided to go for it. Now I am working where I always wanted to be, in OB-GYN. I check patients in and perform some administrative tasks, but most of the work I do is clinical.

I love going through the journey with pregnant patients.

It is gratifying to be their support person, especially during COVID, when their spouse can’t come with them to appointments. I see them again when they return for their post-partum and annual visits. Especially if they, or their family members have immune issues, they may still be unable to visit with them. We share a happy vibe that puts a smile on their face. And when they ask how I am doing, it puts a smile on my face, too. It feels good when they tell me how nice I am. That gets me through the day and keeps me enjoying every day that I am working in women’s care.

Going to MTTI was very different than attending community college.

I couldn’t see myself being successful in the way we were learning at the college. At MTTI, I had the full support of my teacher and classmates all the way through the program. My classmates and I studied the same topics at the same time, so we developed a close-knit bond. We could joke around together but still get down to business to learn. Everyone at MTTI helps one another; going to school there feels like being part of a big family.

Attending MTTI was an amazing experience; I would recommend MTTI to anyone.

I appreciated the opportunity I had to train at MTTI, and how much help I received from everyone. I feel confident referring people to MTTI because I know that anyone who attends school there will be able to accomplish their educational goals. I’ve already referred people to the school; my boyfriend will be attending the computer program during 2021.

The struggles I went through to complete the program have all been worth it.

The Medical Assistant program is not easy. At times you might think it’s too difficult to get through. When I would get down on myself, my biggest supporter and motivator, my Mom, would remind me to look on the brighter side—she would tell me that things will get better. She taught me to never give up, even when sometimes I wanted to. If you are a student or thinking about becoming a student, never give up on your dreams—stay positive to accomplish what you want to do. Everything has its struggles and challenges. Because I didn’t give up when things got tough, I’m now doing what I’m most passionate about, working as a Medical Assistant in an OB-GYN practice.

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