Joely Rodriguez, 2017 MTTI HVACR Graduate Success Story.

Success Stories

Joely Rodriguez

Joely Rodriguez, 2017 HVACR Graduate
Gold Wrench Award for Academic & Skills Excellence and Attendance
Sheet Metal / HVAC Assistant at R.W. Bruno in Lincoln, RI


"MTTI is a good place to start because it is not as expensive as other schools. Now, it’s a whole new world for me. MTTI opened the door for me to enter into the trades. This is only the beginning—I look forward to taking on more responsibility and earning a good living in the HVAC trade." 


For almost 7 years, beginning when I was 17, I worked at my father’s market.

I organized and stocked, handled the orders, opened and closed the store. Each day the routine was the same as the day before—I was bored.

Someone recommended MTTI to me.

I kept that in mind.  Then a second person—a distant cousin—told my family that he was attending MTTI’s HVAC/R evening program part-time, and was already working in the industry. He suggested I check out the school and told my mom, ‘Do it now-classes are starting soon!’

Right from the beginning in the HVAC/R program, we did something new every day.

Unlike my brief experience taking Gen Ed courses at a community college, I was interested in everything we were doing in class. I especially liked learning how to read electrical schematics, and wiring electrical boards and thermostats.

I took MTTI’s course seriously—I didn’t miss a single day of class.

I appreciated that my instructors were always ready to answer questions about HVAC and Refrigeration. I learned a lot from my classmates’ questions—things that I wouldn’t have thought to ask.

My instructors taught me how to do quality work.

I learned how to make the wiring neat and organized—both for safety and so the next person could identify them.  The Instructors organized the course to build our skills—starting with basic electricity—until we were prepared to learn the more complex information about refrigeration.

The course progressed easily; I was never nervous about going to class.

The only scary thought I had was that I worried, ‘what if I make a mistake out in the real world’?

I started working on the first day scheduled for the start of internship.

I sent my resume to an ad for an HVAC Assistant at R.W. Bruno. They called, interviewed and hired me. The day after I began working, I was contacted by a major HVAC and Plumbing Company for an internship-to-hire; I chose to stay with R.W. Bruno.

The other employees I worked with were a lot more experienced than I was.

The first day as a new hire was a little intimidating. Some people had worked in the industry for at least 18 years; one had more than 20 years of experience in sheet metal.

Everyone I worked with has been nice; they walked me through tasks and gave me tips.

R.W. Bruno specializes in commercial heating and air conditioning. The first project I observed was ductwork in a utility company building. They taught me the steps of how to make good connections and seal the joints well with mastic.

I always aim to do quality work.

I make sure the insulation looks good, with everything wrapped and nothing exposed. If I’m stapling insulation, I place the staples every couple of inches, to be sure the insulation won’t fall down. By doing quality work, I want to encourage the company to put me into situations where I can learn more, and take on more responsibility

MTTI inspired me to keep learning about HVAC on the job.

I ask questions before doing something new—and make sure my supervisors know what I am doing. I want to do each job once—not have to redo it because I made a mistake or didn’t take care to do the best quality work.

I research everything before working on a new task or project.

By researching what we will be working on, I have been able to answer the questions the more experienced techs ask me. One of the guys tried to throw me a curve; he tried to test my knowledge about air balancing through the air duct system in commercial buildings.  The company foreman was surprised when I could answer the question.

I’ve applied a lot of what I’ve learned in the real world.

I’ve been able to troubleshoot problems at my family’s market. When a cooler went down, and no power was going to the unit, I recognized the clicking noise. I thought the issue must be electrical. Looking at the at the back of the unit, I saw that the last person who had serviced it had left the box cover off. I was correct—the problem was an exposed contact.

MTTI is a good place to start because it is not as expensive as other schools.

The HVAC/R program has a flexible schedule—you can attend full-time during the day, or part-time in the evening program.

MTTI opened the door for me to enter into the trades.

Before coming to school, I didn’t have much of a plan for the future, or sense of direction. Now, it’s a whole new world for me.

This is only the beginning—I have so much more to look forward to.

I feel like I am making progress. I’m saving for a new car that I hope to buy sometime this year. I look forward to taking on more responsibility and earning a good living in the HVAC trade. I still help out part-time at my dad’s store—but ultimately, I’d rather work eight hours in an unheated building than four hours in retail!


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