8 MTTI HVAC/R Tech Graduates Are Apprentices At Superior Comfort in Bristol, RI.

8 MTTI HVAC/R Technician Graduates Are Apprentices At Superior Comfort in Bristol, RI.

HVAC/R Graduates At SCI

Superior Comfort, Inc. in Bristol, RI, Employs 8 MTTI HVAC/R Technician Graduates.

Left to right above: Habner Ramirez,  Josh Thibault, Jeremy Cordeiro,  Richard Ramirez, Cristian Martinez, Jeremy Ellis (SCI Project Manager), Shawn Colouro, Matt Laires, Jared Simao 

MTTI values Superior Comfort, Inc. (SCI) as a great employment partner for MTTI’s HVAC/R students.

Sherry Ledsworth, Marketing Manager for SCI says, “We specialize in all things HVAC. From air conditioning and refrigeration, to furnaces and boilers; we service homes and businesses. We currently employ 8 apprentices, who are working hard to become successful licensed HVAC technicians. Their desire to achieve success and reach personal goals does not go unnoticed."

"SCI and MTTI have partnered together since the HVAC/R program began in 2012," says Sherry.

“As Program Advisory Committee members, we’ve had input into the creation and updating of the curriculum. We’ve offered suggestions about the classroom and shop, and the library resources. We've also donated some equipment for the students to practice on. Having a relationship with a reputable trade school has been a great asset for us.” 

Jeremy Ellis, SCI Project Manager, believes that the school and SCI share a common goal.

At SCI our mission is to provide world class service and true satisfaction to all customers and employees. We hope to bring outstanding value to the residential and commercial HVAC industry, while cultivating a positive work atmosphere. After working with several MTTI graduates, and meeting the staff at the school, I recognize that we are reading from the same script. MTTI and SCI both desire to make a positive impact on the world around us. We believe by working together, our organizations can help MTTI students and graduates accomplish great things.”

MTTI is providing our apprentices with a dynamic education,” Jeremy says.

“Instructors at MTTI deliver the curriculum to students’ learning needs and abilities. As someone who gets to work with those students in the field, I truly see the value in a wide-ranging curriculum. The HVAC/R field is diverse. Even if you don’t master one aspect in this field, there are many different and exciting career paths you can take. You can work either in installation or service—or in both—in residential air conditioning and heating, commercial air conditioning and heating, and Industrial and commercial refrigeration.”

Sherry adds, “The demand for knowledgeable and dependable technicians is at an all-time high.”

“With the HVAC industry being so diverse it is extremely important that these students and apprentices get a hands-on exposure in the classroom and in the field. I believe that is a big part of why we chose to work with MTTI. Their classroom environment, instructors and training are what we are looking for to add to our highly qualified and knowledgeable team!" 

“MTTI's evening program is a good choice for students already working in HVAC/R” Jeremy says.

“With night classes held after normal business hours, students can work in the field and go to class simultaneously. I believe that when students can put the skills learned in the classroom into practical situations right away, they are more likely to retain the knowledge long-term. As things learned in school become more relevant to their job, the operations become easier to remember. That is just one of the many ways that this school is structured to consistently produce highly effective HVAC technicians."


QUOTES from the GRADUATES working at SCI.

“MTTI has helped me get a great job with Superior Comfort. I’m getting a great experience with a great team. I look forward to coming to work and enjoy learning something new every day. There is a lot of room for growth in HVAC/R. Go for it—I’m sure you won’t regret it.”

Habner Ramirez, 2019 Graduate; Apprentice

“MTTI helped me find a career. I made friends and family for life, and have knowledge that will always be with me. Going to school at MTTI helped me get back on my feet during tough times. MTTI has given me a trade and job forever. Excellent school, excellent choice; well worth going to.”

Joshua Thibeault, 2019 Graduate, Apprentice

“I recommend MTTI if you like learning hands-on and don’t want to stay in school for a longer time to take extra (academic) classes. It has helped me learn a trade in 6 months and get a job straight out of school.”

Jeremy Cordeiro, 2019 Graduate; Service Tech Apprentice

“Great hands-on program and great instructors. MTTI helped me gain field skills and job security.”

Richard Ramirez, 2013 Graduate; Apprentice Service Technician

“It’s a great course that teaches you the knowledge required to complete your everyday work in the trade. It’s a great school with teachers who are interesting.”

Cristian Martinez, 2015 Graduate, Apprentice Pipefitter

“MTTI gave me a great foundation of the HVAC basics. When it came to getting a job and going to work, I felt I had a good understanding of what to do when installing and servicing HVAC equipment. It’s always good to get a head start in any field—MTTI helped me do that.”

Shawn Calouro, 2014 graduate, Apprentice Lead Installer

“I was unsure about what I wanted to do for a career. MTTI helped me by guiding me in the right direction. The school has given me the knowledge and tools I needed to begin working in HVAC/R. MTTI is a great place to start on the career path that interests you.”

Matthew Laires, 2018 Graduate; Apprentice Service Technician

“MTTI gave me a head start in learning the HVAC/R trade, which I knew nothing about when I began. MTTI gave me the knowledge and guidance to become credible and successful in the trade—and the confidence to start something new in life.”

Jared Simao, 2018 Graduate; Apprentice Installer