Marine Service Technician training program at MTTI

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Program:Marine Service Technician

30 Week Program
918 Hours
24 Credits by US Dept. Of Education Method
32.5 Credits by ACCSC Method
Please Note: We are not enrolling this program for Fall 2020.

Are You Interested in the Marine Service Industry?

Do you like boats? Would you enjoy working outside around the waterfront, in the marina environment? Join us at MTTI to gain the skill and training necessary to start an exciting new career in the Marine industry!

Become A Well-Rounded Marine Service Technician

The Marine industry offers a variety of job opportunities in local marinas, marine dealerships, and boat yards throughout the country. Our goal at MTTI is to give you the skills and experience needed to pursue many facets of the Marine industry.

MTTI’s Marine Service Technician program mirrors the seasonal trends of the actual Marine industry. For example, at the end of the boating season, the class winterizes and shrinkwraps the boats. Similarly, larger engine projects will be completed inside during the winter months, just as the marine industry does.

Students receive a well-rounded education in the maintenance and repair of outboard engines, diesel engines, stern drives, and related marine systems, integrating some ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) standards.

Work In One of The Worlds Largest Marine Regions

Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts support one of the largest marine industries in the world. Narragansett Bay and the Rhode Island Sound are comprised of more than 800 marine-related companies and 12,000 highly skilled employees!1

Learn By Doing

At MTTI, we stress the importance of hands-on learning! While you attend MTTI’s Marine Service Technician program you will spend approximately 60 percent of your time in the shop completing jobs you can expect to see when employed in the industry.

After graduating, you will be well-prepared for a transition into the Marine industry workforce. The experience you gain while at MTTI will prepare you for an entry-level career, and help you build confidence in your abilities as a Marine Service Technician.

Tool Bonus

Each student in the Marine Service Technician program is provided with a professional tool kit to use throughout the program! Upon graduation of the course, if you obtain training-related employment within 90 days, you get to keep the tools!


The Marine Service Technician training takes place at MTTI’s satellite campus, located approximately 3 miles from the main school at 54 Water Street in East Providence.  All interested candidates should apply to Admissions at the main school.

MMTET Scholarship

Massachusetts residents, who are high school seniors or graduates, and are enrolled in MTTI’s Marine Service Technician program for Fall 2018, with the intent of entering or continuing to work in the recreational marine industry in Massachusetts, are encouraged to apply for an MMTET Scholarship. MMTET (Massachusetts Marine Trades Educational Trust) is the caretaker of the William Armstrong Scholarship Awards, which are up to $1500.00 (fifteen hundred dollars). To view the application:

Get more details about our Marine Service Technician program and MTTI’s tool bonus.

Costs for 2019-2020 tuition, fees and supplies, before any Title IV funding loans are applied are listed on the Consumer Information Page for this program.

To view graduation rates, median debt of graduates completing this program and other important information, please visit the Program Consumer Information Page.


1 The Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation

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