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Personal Fitness Trainer Program Is Enrolling

Two male students with Fitness Trainer Instructor in the gym.

Are you interested in training to work with individuals in the field of health & fitness? 

People who are passionate about fitness, and enjoy helping others, are great candidates for MTTI's hands-on Personal Fitness Trainer Program. 

MTTI's Personal Fitness Trainer Program is Enrolling NOW for Early Winter, 2018!

Employers tell us that they are looking for well-rounded individuals who are trained to perform client fitness & health assessments, program-design, equipment training, wellness coaching, and business and communication skills to build clientele. Fitness Centers have opportunities for Trainers to work with individuals of all fitness levels and abilities. Read about the program.

Female Fitness Trainer student leading class in exercise.Employment of fitness trainers and instructors is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. 

Fitness trainers and instructors lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercises (exercises for the heart and blood circulation), strength training, and stretching. They work with people of all ages and skill levels. Fitness trainers and instructors work in facilities such as health clubs, fitness or recreation centers, gyms, and yoga and Pilates studios.

MTTI's Program Is Reviewed Twice Each Year By Health & Fitness Specialists & Employers.

Program Advisory Members (PAC) look at the curriculum, facitlites, equipment and graduation / employment rates to help us graduate Personal Fitness Trainers that meet their hiring needs. In turn, we want to help employers find well-trained individuals to help them build their businesses.

"My hire from MTTI has been a great experience.   That is why I give your work maturity skills section so much credit.  My MTTI hire was so well prepared for this industry."
Sean Fulcher, Manager of Boston Sports Clubs - Providence; 2017-18 MTTI PAC Member

Read the Stories of Personal Fitness Trainer Graduates.MTTI Firness Trainer Graduate, Kiki Maples, on exercise apparatus,

"Everyone at MTTI was helpful and pleasant. I always felt the owners and staff were genuine people who really cared. The business building skills taught in the program were very helpful.  am so grateful and thankful to MTTI for taking the chance on me—for not judging, but instead giving me the opportunity to prove myself."  Alvin Torres, 2014 Graduate

"MTTI’s Personal Fitness Trainer program built my confidence by putting knowledge into practice in a well-equipped health club. Now I lead challenging, fun workouts that help clients achieve their fitness goals." 
Kiki Maples, 2016 Graduate

"I used to spend work time in boring, mind numbing meetings. Now I’m an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, teaching Cardio Boxing / Boot Camp classes, and delivering one-on-one trainings. I’m grateful to MTTI and for the help and guidance of my Instructors." Stephen Lombari, 2016 Graduate

"I thought I knew about physical fitness because I worked out lifting weights. There is so much more to being a Fitness Trainer! I didn’t know I could help people who have medical conditions, until, at MTTI, we studied anatomy & physiology and covered all different types of illnesses and injuries. Now I train fitness clients and assist people who have neurological conditions or spinal injuries." 
Guillermo Perez, 2014 GraduateMike Boyle with MTTI Graduate Shai Lariviere at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning.

"I wasn’t the top student in my class at MTTI, but I could tell my Instructors saw the potential in me. In the four years since I left school, I’ve been working my butt off. I wanted to show my instructors that their work paid off; I wanted to make MTTI proud. After several years of discipline, learning and hard work, I feel like I am going to my dream job every day. I’m happier than I’ve ever been."  
Shai Lariviere, 2014 Graduate

"MTTI’s hands-on Personal Fitness Trainer program is an amazing experience. You learn so much. I’ve grown as a person through attending MTTI. Speaking in front of others, communicating and learning how to design programs to meet different client needs has given me confidence to work in the fitness industry." 
Leeann Grant, 2016 Graduate

"Looking online for programs to become a fitness trainer, I knew I wanted more than a weekend course. Now, as a graduate, I tell everyone that MTTI’s Personal Fitness Trainer program is comprehensive—you won’t get any better program. The instructors are great—they will help you get through. You will learn a lot and have a lot of fun." 
Pamela Padula, 2014 Graduate

Fitness Trainer Instructor leading class in an exercise.Want to tour the classroom and gym facilities, meet the instructor and learn more about the program?

Life's Much More Fun Doing Something You Enjoy!

Call Cheryl at 508-336-6611 or email: We look forward to meeting you!



For information on graduation rates, median debt of graduates completing this program and other important information, please visit the Personal Fitness Trainer Consumer Information page.

For Gainful Employment information about this program, view the Gainful Employment Disclosure for the Personal Fitness Trainer program.

1Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Fitness Trainers and Instructors, on the Internet at (visited November 28, 2017).