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The Harvard Study, Pathways to Prosperity, asks the question. “Does everyone need a four-year college degree?”

"The harsh reality is that America is still failing to prepare millions of its young people to lead successful lives as adults.”

“High schools need to do a better job preparing students for whatever career path they choose…whether it’s becoming a doctor or an electrician.”

“There has been a dramatic decline in the ability of adolescents and young adults to find work.”

The above quotes are taken from PATHWAYS TO PROSPERITY — Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century.
Pathways to Prosperity Project, Harvard Graduate School of Education, February 2011 
Read the report at:

MTTI's programs prepare students for entry into training-related employment in just 6-7 months. 

The US Department of Education requires that career and technical schools disclose information for each of its financial aid eligible programs that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. We have created a complete page for each program that details consumer Information, including occupations and career paths students may pursue upon program completion, graduation and employment outcome rates, on-time completion rates, tuition and fees, plus graduates’ median debt loan and estimated monthly loan repayments.

Organized in 1985, MTTI’s ongoing mission is education for employment. Through qualified technical education, MTTI’s programs provide students with the skills, knowledge and competencies that meet entry level needs of the labor market. Programs are developed and updated in response to employers and industry specialists to ensure that instruction continues to reflect continuously evolving technology. We invite you to "spend one day" visiting classrooms and shops to learn how MTTI's programs might benefit you.

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Consumer Information

The links below will take you to the NEW Gainful Employment Disclosure Template for each program:

View the 2016 - 2017 ACCSC Graduation and Placement Rates, according to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges Standards. (This will open a link to a PDF.)

View the Mandated Massachusetts Graduation & Employment Disclosures in Compliance with 940 CMR 31.00. (This will open a link to a PDF.)

View the Mandated Massachusetts Loan Nonpayment, Graduation & Median Completion Statistics Disclosures in Compliance with 940 CMR 31.00. (This will open a link to a PDF.)


The links below will take you to MTTI's consumer information page for each program.
Crime Statistics

In compliance with Public Law 102-26, information on campus crimes is reported for your review. View MTTI Crime Statistics for the Seekonk, MA Campus and the East Providence, RI Campus.