MTTI Education for Employment

Eric Ross

Marine Service Technician program

Eric had been working as an Industrial/Commercial and Residential painter for thirteen years when he decided it was time to make a change. "I wanted to better myself and make a better life for my daughter." Eric's dad is a friend of Ward Ring's, so he knew about the school.

"The Admissions Representative gave me a tour, and I felt really comfortable." Eric thought that the program was affordable, and the length of time was right for him. "I couldn't devote two years of full-time attendance at a school; I needed to support myself and my daughter."

Eric commented, "Everyone at MTTI feels 'real'. I can come back to visit and everyone knows me and will talk with me."

During his program Eric was impressed that Ward was in the classroom with him. "When do you see the business owner in the class or shop--sharing industry secrets and getting his hands dirty?"

"The instructor was also good. He showed me the 'tricks of the trade' he knew from working in the industry."

Eric says he learned a lot but also had a good time. "It was school but it didn't seem like school--it was more like going to work with co-workers each day."

MTTI gave Eric leads, but he also went to the Boat Show to meet the employers. He interned at Brewer Cove Haven Marina in Barrington, RI and was hired for a full-time position. He is supervised by Patrick Peck--another MTTI graduate, who is now the Assistant Manager.

I've impressed some boat owners with the things I learned at school. Everyone says I'm doing fine. I couldn't ask for a better job."

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